Slightly embarrassing memory: Playing the tune: "Soldier of the Queen" at one of Mrs E. Brandman's annual concerts.



Let's not call it my No.1 favourite song but...

would not be able to decide out of about 5.

I LOVE this.........

(also when sung by several others, male and female)

Cooking naked - down below!

Coming to Sydney?



Books by and about Dutch - Australians



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Oh dear!!!

You have NO IDEA, how much THIS.......

....sums up WHERE I COME


family-tree with roots going back MANY generations.......

About my ROOTS and the city where I was born

Mijn stad. geboren en getogen

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"Vertrek" by Keith Paulusse

Keith's experiences:

Vertrek - by Keith Paulusse


"Vertrek" - Keith Paulusse



Ex-libris isbn 978-1-4990-3170-6


Yes! 5 years earlier that "iconic ship" carried MY parents, our friends, the van Hoorns and me to the same destination!


I sat at the railing, with a book, for most of the time.



Keith Paulusse migrated from Terneuzen, in the Netherlands, at age 11.


It's because of another BOOK about migration from the Netherlands that I know of this granddaughter

of a teacher who taught at Mascot Public School as well.

(Are you still with me?)

The connection


You need hands!



SBS is celebrating 40 years

and along with the other broadcasters of the radio program, in the Dutch language,

I was invited to come into the now very modern studio to reminisce.


I told Anneke that I remember that Theo ten Brummelaar , in charge at the time, was watching me present the program ~ live, standing beside the 'technician'.

* I'd selected a track on a record which was about a salesman selling 'shonky' goods.

The "joke" at the end of the track was that the needle 'supposedly jumped' on this 'pretend record player' !!!

But Theo thought that it really WAS a faulty record and jumped forward to have the record stopped. :)

Here it is:


I hope you will listen to the END of the track, to see and hear why Theo jumped.

(Sadly I mixed up two records anyway. This is NOT about an old singer,

who at the end of the track "croaks". - As they say.)

That is THIS record.


Caught up with Anneke Boudewijn of SBS Radio - Dutch Language Program.

Reminisced about the times when I had joined the first broadcasters

of this program. Then transmitted via 2EA.


I am pleased to have been part, at the very beginning of SBS Radio, the Dutch program. 

I am aware of the reasons why communicating with the "Ethnic groups / listeners" was thought to be an effective 'ploy' to attempt to attract their (our) votes but I am sure that it HAS worked as a way to 'ease' the 'assimilation process' very effectively bringing non-English-speaking/ non Australia-born listeners INTO the system with greater understanding of the way our community, in Australia "works" and somewhat easing the 'pain' of the break with the much more familiar country of birth. 

What I DID particularly like about 'our efforts' when the Dutch-language program was 'young' was that there was quite a variety of presenter 'input' into the programs, representing different experiences; different expertise; different attitudes and tastes, e.g., in music, culture, politics, etc.. We 'worked', in pairs, as four different teams. 

My own interests were particularly the 2nd and 3rd generation, as I was a primary school teacher, at the time when "Multiculturism" was 'revolutionising' the way that pupils and students were being taught. I was interest, almost concerned, re the impact that the settling-in process had on the children, when in many cases parents had to work extra hard to establish a new life here and migrant children might not receive as much support with "schoolwork" as the children of 3rd, 4th, 5th etc., generations, speaking English, might get. 



Time  to 'bore you' with the quote: 'De beste stuurlui staan aan wal'. It's just human nature: Just as we primary school teachers were aware of the parents who'd stay at the gates, after dropping off the children, discussing the merits of the teaching methodology of the school. (It was better in THEIR days!!!), so we early broadcasters were aware of how quite a few listeners believed that they could do a better job, if only they'd have the opportunity. Mainly in the area of speaking Dutch the way it was/is spoken back in the Netherlands. 

Ironically, they themselves spoke Dutch with heavy accents. 

Nevertheless that really was not a problem. It was pleasing that so many Dutch-background people were glad that Dutch was part of the new 2EA. 

Personally, after Al Grasby 'opened the door', I was doing all sorts of multicultural 'things' as a teacher. I was simply just as pleased as anyone else that having retained Dutch as my other language I could now make use of it in my profession. 

I particularly treasure the memories of the interviews I recorded with a number of very interesting and I might call some 'colourful',  Dutch-Australians, as well as one or two visitors from the Netherlands. 

I WOULD have done it again, if the time-machine took me back to the 70s, early 80s. 



MORE memories:

Anneke spoke by phone with Theo ten Brummelaar about the poem

written by Eef ten Brummelaar for the Bi-Centenerary:

In Dutch.


Earlier, Theo ten Brummelaar reminded a meeting of the Federation of Netherlands Societies

about the SBS Radio Program in the Dutch Language.

Theo was co-ordinator for a long time.


The Dutch program on SBS:





At the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney.

Waleed breaks down Australia's renewable energy target and

why YOU should care #TheProjectTV

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Welcome to my world!!


but especially when they were still together!!

All the time?

Go! Go! Nicky!!

Post by Oz Cloggie.

Hello fellow-Dutch-born.......



Cross over the bridge.............

Please WAIT a moment, to see the pictures (of bridges) change!!









IT's no secret!! I support "LEGAL NUDE BATHING" in the right location and company.

The annual 'nude swims' that are held in various locations, just PROVE,

how people find it 'liberating' when it's acceptable, legal, enjoyable.

GO to:

Just before we migrated to Australia, I passed her in the street. She was skipping. As the friends were turning the long rope and she was skipping they sang: "Imme. Heb jij je Jopie lief? Nee hoor. Hij is geen harte dief." . (Imme. Do you love Jopie. No. He is no stealer of hearts.) Not a subtle message but, after all we were 11 or 12 years old.

For almost two years, on school days I had walked to the end of our street and up the dyke. The houseboat was moored there. I would press the doorbell and Imme and younger sister Karin would come out and walk to school with me. Karin and I often arm in arm.

My favourite memories of the walks home include 'deep discussions' with Imme whose father was an engineer. (So well-educated and living in that house boat seemed 'classy and special.) I know because on the door of the house boat the was I.R., after his name. It was mid-fifties and the "class-difference" would dissipate not long after we had migrated.


As I always tell (when I repeat this story) Imme, younger sister Karin and the parents ate with a *knife as well as a fork!!! ( I WAS invited to eat with them one day.) * On that trip back my mother's sister with whom I was staying and I were invited to dine at my paternal cousin's house. As we sat down the husband of that cousin started to explain to us how to eat with a knife as well as a fork. ( He assumed that we were not used to that . )

Believe me. It was well-intended.

Just a little over sixty years later, when I look at the little photo of Imme, I so clearly remember our walks to and from school and how "deep" our conversations were.

At teachers college, in Wollongong, when we were asked to write 'a composition' to 'learn' how to teach "written expression" to our future pupils, I tried to describe what it had felt like, one afternoon AFTER school, when Imme had had to deliver something to a relative and there was a VERY strong wind blowing us about.

I wouldn't be writing about it 60 years later, again, when I'd been impressed by the feeling of having our arms around each other - "sort of" - to stop ourselves from being blown off our feet.

( For a moment I was Clark Gable, or John Wayne, protecting her from the elements!)

On a more recent trip back I sat down on a bench, which was conveniently located on the top of the dyke, where the houseboathad once been and a little girl came 'up' there to talk to me.

( What did THAT look like from all those windows in the homeunits behind me. Me in my early sixties and the little blonde girl about 8?, 7? 6?? )

This time it felt like I was "Rain Man" or "Rip van Winkel".

Told her I was from a land far away and that the next day I'd be flying back to Sydney in an aeroplane.

She reckoned she knew what that was.

To me it seemed symbolic that I was sitting there reminiscing about the girls with whom I'd walked to school and she represented them- but a younger version. :

About Gouda where my roots are known to go back to at least 1300.


Cannot change the past but must try to get the full facts.......


And my favourite singers on a par with Dean Martin.

O.K. They broke up. O.K. He was drunk when at a performance, I read.

But they have (virtually) sung to me so many years!

Cannot change the past but must try to get the full facts.......


Vertrek by Keth Paulusse

Meanwhile....I have gone back to Art Class @ Hazelhurst. "Drawing and painting." So faw drawing has been enough!

Come to the beach.........
Please CLICK on the picture......puttingitanotherway

(I actually so much remember ASSESSING this area for Keep Australia Beautiful

but time has moved on.)

Let's KEEP Australia beautiful!

I am no longer involved but still believe it to be such a good CAUSE!!!!!

Makes all who participate feel good about caring for their environment.......

Photon - Hazelhurst

Suzie - always doing interesting things.



A VERY, VERY favourite song!!


but especially when they were still together!! How long am I going to be here? All the time?

** Read about: 'VERTREK' !!! (Departure) by Keith Paulusse.

Yet another account of the migration from the Netherlands to Australia. I highly RECOMMEND it !!


"The Lost Sister of Groningen", by Nell Jones.


DO CHECK OUT: 'VERTREK' by Keith Paulusse


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