Cousins...... My older cousin (by 3 months!!!) celebrated her birthday



............... Every year she does that, 3 months ahead of me.

Her mother was a younger sister of my mother and both married roughly the same time, during World War II.

No wonder that cousin Wil(helmina) and I have certain characteristics in common.

Her parents were the first of our relatives to 'break the ice' and in the early 70s, came from Gouda to visit us.

( "Opening the 'floodgates'. My mother's brother and also sisters visted after that.)


Cousin Wil and her brother Coen(raad) were my most recent visitors.

A photo has been put up by (now former-) neighbours of my cousin, Wil,

showing young men riding boards on the ditch outside what was my aunt and uncle's 'cigar store'

and , as always, I was motivated to tell you.

"It's the little things" was the theme of a song that was popular in the Netherlands, some years ago.

Its those board shorts!!

The father of these cousins, my Uncle Koen, can safely be called a 'bit of a character'.

He brought a movie camera and recorded all he saw and did and would freely comment or at least notice matters like:

those typical 'surfie-style' board shorts.

THAT is why it strikes me as 'funny' these shorts have now gone right past where he lived!!

Below: Cousin Wil and I @ Como, in southern Sydney.

My life: Jo Mulholland

THIS POST motivated by a photo on Charl Onbag's Facebook site:

Riding a Buttermilk Ditch

When my mother was visiting the Netherlands, she enjoyed minding the cigar store for her sister.....


No board riders going past at the time.......

Please check out:

Riding a Buttermilk Ditch


Oh the www !!!! Spreading the word about OZCLOGGIE!! Google+

That's Google+!!!!!

"Best buddy @ "Heartbreak High" (MBHS)- Terry T.


My parents and I were not the first Dutch to come to Australia!

SOME visited earlier!

Video Views

Click here for: VIDEO VIEWS

Before Teachers College in Wollongong.

Before Maroubra Bay High School

There was the Jan Ligtharschool in Gouda!



PLEASE click on the HOLLAND FESTIVAL see more.

Well done Blair Jocelyne!!

Listen to this:



Oh! DO click on that link above!!

Brush with fame: I know Blair Jocelyne. :)


Gosh! Almost a quarter of a century ago I had a wonderful visit to the Anna Frank's House, with my cousin, who took me and my then children (Now adults) and simply walked us up to the front of the long queue.

(Nobody objected.)

In more recent years I was back in Amsterdam and my daughter and her now husband met up with me there (As they were visiting the Netherlands too.) At MIDNIGHT (in Australia) on New Year's Even we passed by the Anna Frank's House and the queue was as long as ever!!!

"BRUSH-with-FAME" - I saw Deborah Cheetham of "Spicks and Specks", last night.*


* Used to like a segment of ABC Radio, here in Sydney, where listeners were invited to

tell about having been 'near' someone famous.


Other Dutch-australian social clubs came and went (including the Netherlands Society in Bankstown)

Neerlandia is still going strong.


Thea's Exhibition Thea'sExhibition2
Thea Bourne is a member of the Board of the D.A.C.C..
I have known Thea via the D.A.C.C. for quite some time now.

14 May 2014 Ex-students from Wollongong Teachers College ( 1962-1963) had lunch @ "Coffee in the Park",

at Dolls Point, in Sydney.


Determined to become a school teacher (It was "in the blood", in the "genes".) I barely made it into the then brand-new

Wollongong Teachers College (Not even in its own building, in 1962) and just scraped through.

While we all brought our own experiences and 'backgrounds' with us, I like to think that, at that stage, a "multicultural attitude"

was still not "in vogue". That would come later.


Joopat WTC

After 'temporary' accommodation' in the local technical college, we teachers college students

were moved into the new lecture block and associated administration building.


Half a century ago I 'faced' my first class. from Jo Mulholland on Vimeo.


It's 'a mess' ~ down below ~ but think of it as a "mind-map" ! (Were you at that 'in-service' day?)

"Mind maps" were represented by random thoughts recorded on sheets of butchers paper

by the speaker at the in-service course(s).

THINK of it as a LOOK into MY mind!!

Marele Day



Sandringham / Dolls Point NSW. 

I was invited to have lunch with the parents of my brand-new (and first) grandson 
and my daughter and I took a stroll with the baby asleep in the pram. 

So......"naturally" this song came to my mind: 


Video below......




Of course, it's (mainly - only) fellow-Dutch-born-Australians 'of my vintage' who will be familiar with this song and the way it relates to what it felt like, today to stroll along the water's edge with my daughter and her baby-son in his pram. 



The next few days, the clouds rolled in.



It had been brought to my attention when I was briefly involved in the early years of the Dutch Language radio hours, in the late 70s, via SBS Radio 2EA, in the then former, 2SM studios in Clarence Street, Sydney. 

We were then so pleased to build up a listening audience and school friend Hans Tiller rang in and requested the above song because HE was so happy to have a young daughter 
to "stroll with in the sun"



I now live not far from my daughter, her husband and son, in a location that brings back many memories. I can only best describe this location as like a virtual "railway-station" where I've come ~ THROUGH the YEARS!!! ~ to go into yet another direction. 

Very happy and proud to be an "Opa" 

to young Leonard. 


Every Second by Vanessa Bates from Michael Sieders on Vimeo.

© Ozcloggie 19 April 2014. 


The Dutch Australian Cultural Centre in Sydney – The Dutch Heritage and Future in Australia.

The Centre was established in 1983 by the Federation of Dutch Associations and formed as a company limited by guarantee in 1984.

The Centre was formed to establish a central organization with the following two main aims:
1. To preserve the rich history of Dutch contact with, and immigration to, Australia;
2. To set up a resources facility for anyone wanting information regarding the Netherlands, its people and their traditions.

Initially the DACC was housed in an Annex of the Abel Tasman Village, a retirement centre in Chester Hill. In 2006 the DACC moved to ‘t Winkeltje, Holland House, Smithfield (Sydney).  The DACC was involved in the formation of Dutch Link, an organization set up by
representatives of Dutch multinational companies to accommodate business and social interests of all people with a Dutch background, migrants and expatriates.

We find that younger Dutch Australians, and Dutch expatriates, are often not very aware of the important work involved in preserving the Dutch Heritage. The history of post-WWII immigrants is a large chunk of our work but there is much more to Dutch Heritage than that. The magnificent recent Mapping Australia exhibition in the National Library, Canberra made that perfectly clear. About half of the old maps displayed there were of Dutch 17th century origin, the products of VOC cartographers and seafarers who circumnavigated the Australian continent and mapped most of it. The history of the WWII itself is also reflected in the role of the Dutch as the “Fourth Ally” and in important tales of those who came as refugees in 1942 from the Dutch East Indies. And it is the story of several important individual contributions prior to WWII such as the Broken Hill Pty Ltd General Manager and pioneer Guillaume Delprat. Another example is the music shop operator Paling who started his business on the Victorian Gold Fields in the mid-1850s. The Dutch contribution to the history of this continent is both unique and significant. This is often not realized widely in the Netherlands. However, unless we display it ourselves here it may well be lost OR just become a very small part only of history found back in the occasional multi-cultural museum - among many other nationalities in this vast multicultural country. This is definitely NOT our objective.

The Dutch Government claims it aims to intensify business and other links with Australia through Shared Heritage links. We welcome that idea! Australia has become a priority country for funding for this purpose. With the advent of the Dirk Hartog celebrations in the offing (2016) we are ready to demonstrate our very purpose. The desirability of that is particularly needed on the East Coast of Australia where many people still think that Captain James Cook discovered Australia (1770). The reality is that not even the grandparents of Cook were born by the time that the Groninger sea captain Abel Tasman had mapped some 70% of the Australian coastline in 1644. We rest our case but it has to be demonstrated.

Klaas Woldring, Hon. Secretary DACC. –

Ahhhhhh!!! Memories of " going to Potters' "

(Bob and Dot Potter's ballroom dancing studio, in Maroubra

Junction. Now his son and daughter-in-law have a studio, called

Inspirations Dance Centre in West Ryde.

They're doing the 'Kanga', in Australia (Canberra)

To mark: 'King Day' (in the Netherlands).

And this is how the Queens Birthday was celebrated in RECENT years,

in Sydney.

Actually my grandchild has now arrived - a boy.

Visited the grandson who is at home with his mum and dad.

Post by Oz Cloggie.

Post by Ex Students of Maroubra Bay High School.


(I have been looking after this for a LOOOONG time now! )


Further thoughts,

(from Renee Veldman-Tentori ).....

Renee writes:

" Through architecture, shipwrecks, and its genealogical lineage,

the Dutch left a legacy like no other in Australia.

Travellers may not easily recognize the one-of-a-kind heritage left by the Dutch,

but it will surely be seen and felt especially by those from the Netherlands

who will take pride in their ancestors’ rich maritime and colonial history " .

Read on. Click on the above.

Repeating: I used to come to THIS part of Sydney and wander around, whenever something important ~ a change ~ was happening in my life.

E.g., MAUDE via HAY, 1967:


I came here, every Saturday, from age 10 until we migrated, when I was 12, for the Saturday meet-ups with my fellow 'Swallows'

junior members of the A.J.C. (Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale - Labour Youth Centre)

— Jo Mulholland (@JoMulholland1) April 13, 2014


I moved .......... but not VERY far from here. (Still around the corner from the water.)

And I now have a key to my letter box!!!!

So send me "snail mail"!!!!

It's been 5 years already since we reunited on that large scale.

Ex-Maroubra Bay High School students from the 1959 "Opening" years

still DO get together!


DO CLICK on the .... >...... above!

Friend, Bob Reed opened up Fairlight Gardens as a Bed & Breakfast......

He loves people.


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Have been sitting and watching here quite a bit, lately.



Dutch-Australian Genealogy Group meets in Chester Hill NSW

from Jo Mulholland on Vimeo.

Happy to pass on any email enquiries.

Jo Mulholland (Was Joop Mul)

I still look after the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre website!


Go there now..... DACC

Post by Oz Cloggie.


I walked therethat year (1955) at least once-a-week, to the AJC.



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Half a century ago I 'faced' my first class.

from Jo Mulholland

on Vimeo.

MEANWHILE ~ back in the Netherlands: Not Mr Chips but Mr de Vries.

(I see so many connections!)

Goodbye mister de Vries from Mascha Halberstad on Vimeo.


I'll NEVER stop being a FAN!!

"If Jerry walks in through there, I'm quittin' " (LOL)


I attended Maroubra Bay High School.

We boys from South Sydney Boys Junior High, in Randwick,

next to the town hall,

were transferred to the brand-new Maroubra Bay High School, in 1959


Now I'm located in Monterey.....


Please CLICK on the above picture......

(I actually so much remember ASSESSING this area for Keep Australia Beautiful

but time has moved on.)


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Let's KEEP

Australia beautiful!

I am no longer involved but still believe it to be such a good CAUSE!!!!!

Makes all who participate feel good about caring for their environment.......




And about the city where I grew up: GOUDA!

This song automatically makes me think of the little "house' by the "Rabats" bridge (Spelling!) Known more popularly as the "Red Bridge", in Gouda......where my father came to call on my aunt but she sent out my mother instead.

The rest is history.


Jo at the Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, October 6-12, 2008 from Jo Mulholland on Vimeo.




'up the road' from MANLY BEACH





Your home away from home




North of Sydney Harbour, Australia

Bed and breakfast 

Bed & Breakfast

apartment downstairs 

Post by Oz Cloggie.

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When the WWW was very new I called my presence on the web:

A Dutch-Australian Connection.

( I added the: A when someone commented quite correctly that I was not 'THE' Dutch-Australian Connection ! )


The fact that my parents brought me to Australia when I was 12 was not going to deter me!! I was determined to be a school teacher (I'm sure it was in the genes.)

In 1964 when I faced my first class there were two textbooks which were not mandatory but recommended to help the pupils doing: "Social Studies".

And I found myself teaching these children that Captain Cook found Australia after some others had been here too.

Chinese apparently, very long ago andthen more recently: the Dutch (and the French)...

(I have some reservations about the idea of 'Footprints as stepping stones'.

Of course it's all very much about economics and commerce and, as I arrived in Australia (and VERY PLEASED that I did) as a result of the Dutch government and the Australian government

encouraging migration in the 1950s.

I hope that our migrant heads were not the 'stepping stones', providing 'factory fodder'

to make others rich.

As a young 'swallow' taken to Australia and away from my fellow

AJC members, I have, of course, my perspective.

(AJC = Arbeiders Jeugd Centrale -Labour Youth Centre

and was the "Socialist" version of the scouts and guides-combined.)


(Please GO TO: LINKEDIN and participate in the discussion!)

(I cannot provide a direct link from here!)


For some time now,

I know that there are plans to 'celebrate' the fact that Dirk Hartogh, Abel Tasman and the like came here and 'discovered' bits of Australia.

GO TO: Cultural Heritage Connections:

"Connecting experts, projects and organisations in international cultural heritage cooperation

This Linkedin group is a communication tool for the community of It brings together experts, projects, and organisations in the field of international heritage cooperation. The emphasis is on Mutual Cultural Heritage: heritage that is shared between two or more countries.

Join them at and at this Linkedin group is managed by the Dutch supporting institute for International Cultural Policy.


I've STARTED something!!!

These "youngsters" attended Maroubra Bay High School AFTER I was there and before it became the setting for:



Here's 'me' as I used to 'be'!

DID YOU get this FAR????


Thank you!!

Post by NIDA.

Ozcloggie is Jo Mulholland. Was Joop Mul - 2014