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I have watched pretty much every video that has came out from Haze Her because well I just love the site and you have to love hot girls eating each other out. Snitches Are Bitches March 20 This one though has very little hazing at least I would say it does. Twisted Siter-Hood December 28 This is a episode from Haze Her that has a sorority throwing a Jello Wrestling match between their rushes.

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Joining the Sisterhood August 11 One girl tried to say she never masturbated before and all the girls called her bullshit, she had to go ahead and work out two orgasms because of that! Strap On The Rushes February 27 All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties.

citas_express. Age: 35 yrs. The naughty and thick cocks.

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I understand that it is made so that they will never go against the sisters, but now that this sister have went against them what can they even do? I think the real hazing comes in to play in that they are making this video so that they have something to hold against the pledges. One girl sucks on the cock, the other girl strokes it and the third pledge sucks on the guys balls. Looks like the real winners here are the guys though, they get to fuck all of these hot college girls without worrying about whether they were cheating or not. If they spill any of their top secrets they have this tape to ruin them. I suspect she is one big dike because she is the one that has the pledges eating each other out at first. It is also very hot too I mean how can you not want to see this busty coed getting her pussy eaten and eating other girls pussy. That girl must be one serious lesbian to own something like that. There is some really cute girls in this one I love the tits on two of them. So much so they they film them sucking on real guys cocks! Then she had to return the favor eating out each pledge until she had a orgasm though!

Soon the girls were naked and getting fucked with a dildo…and now the blonde sorority sister has blackmail video for these two lesbian roommates! These sexy sorority pledges will do just about anything to become full Sisters, and on Haze Her you get to see exactly what they have to go through! The girls they interviewed were filmed and all of them fucked, or at least ate some pussy.

One girl was too slow to get out of bed so they stripped her panties off and carried her down the hall to where they had assembled a task force of ruthless lesbian ladies ready to put these girls through their paces of licking pussy and getting fucked by strapons and other assorted fun stuff.

They sorority girl still make them finger each other, and lick each others pussy and nipples but at least they let them get clean first. Every time the mess up the sisters make them take off a piece of clothing. This girl you see pictured here is the absolute hottest I mean those are some perfect natural tits are they not? The second thing they must do is the most fucked up part and the reason this video is on Haze Her.

With the NFL playoffs coming up I thought I need to get some football theme porn up here for you guys. This one though has very little hazing at least I would say it does. They could at least invite over their favorite fraternity and let them enjoy. You know those big boards that fraternities and sororities use to punish their pledges? They get the girls freezing wet and then tell them that they are going to do a little wrestling.

The girls get all sweaty doing real workout stuff and they probably think that that is the hazing these sister are putting on! They want them shaved with no shaving burns, no spots they want it perfect. I have heard though that the reason they do it is not to haze them but instead to have some dirt on them.

What I want to know is which one of these sisters had a double sided dildo just laying around in their room! Look at this beauty right here! One girl tried to say she never masturbated before and all the girls called her bullshit, she had to go ahead and work out two orgasms because of that! After the nerdy chick has her orgasm the other girls must use a double sided dildo and man is that another hot segment of this video.

If you ride each dildo for 2 minutes hard and make it all the way you get to stop doing the hazing, seems like a pretty good deal to me. I forgot to mention how they allowed them to get clean. As punishment they have to strip down nude and masturbate, and to help them along the sorority sisters grind their pussies on their faces and use all kinds of dildos on those tight college girl fuckholes.

But tomorrow, who knows what kind of devious tests the Haze Her bitches will come up with? I only wish we knew for sure! I have to say that this is the kind of workout that I could get behind. They throw them a couple of times and then each pledge is made to have a orgasm. They had a fraternity help set up this little water pit that they made all their pledges get in.

The sorority films the videos so that they will never go against the sorority in the future. I think this sorority just wanted to get off college campus to do their hazing, pretty smart if you think about it. Well luckily these girls have learned their lessons well and are able to tickle the clits of the sister enough to stay, at least for now.

The girls then are made to break up into pairs where they eat each other out. The sisters have their way with the pledges, one girl with a nice big ass sits on this redheads face that is pictured here. The sisters are all mean though because after they had a orgasm from getting their pussies eaten out by the pledges they kind of return the favor.

Man, those sorority chicks at Haze Her are just ruthless…unless they get a freshman pledge by the name of Ruth, of course. Once you get filmed riding a dildo I guess you would think twice about going against the sorority ever again because well they might leak the tape.

I the new Haze Her video for you guys. The sorority even went out and got a sybian to have the girls sit on and ride for as long as they can. This is a little different from a lot of Haze Her videos that are submitted to them because there is actually some dick in this video.

Look at those nice juggs! In this gallery one of this sisters has the girls lay down face up and straps a strap-on to their face. She is in the shower and has a pledge wash her and then to bunch them she sits on their face and gets her pussy eaten out. This sorority is making them get in this skimpy little workout outfit and then run around campus.

These sisters are mean spirited! Nice group of asses I must say. I have watched pretty much every video that has came out from Haze Her because well I just love the site and you have to love hot girls eating each other out. The dildos are actually set up from the biggest at the very end to the smallest at the other.

There are a lot of these tapes because this is how they get girls to stay loyal to their sorority by making one of these tapes and threating to release it if they ever cross them. One girl ended up fucking a guy while her sisters filmed it the rest had to eat pussy like this poor little pledge here. Then they have the pledges each each others pussy. She is made to strip down and then a sister comes up and feels those amazing tits and then uses a vibrator to make her cum.

That tongue of hers was probably sprained after she was done but damn it was hot seeing her eating that college pussy. If you have watched any of the past episode these girls got off easy! This sorority must be pretty well funded because they rented out a whole banquet room for these interviews with the pledges.

It makes me wonder if these freshman girls ever have a chance to go to class, they seem to be eating pussy and getting fucked by strapons from morning til night every day. This sorority is all about their girls having a perfect pussies. The sorority makes the girls clean up their pussies and then they put them on the floor and having them eat each other out while they look on.

I would say there is probably more girls riding these dildos in this Haze Her update then actually eating pussy. I wonder if sororities still make these kind of hazing videos now that Haze Her has been so successful and buying them up. The sisters actually break out a strong vibrator and give the girls orgasms.

Then they have them play pass the double sided dildo and the list goes on and on. The call up each pledge individually and have them climb the latter if you will. In this episode entitled Pledgers Eat Pussy these sexy freshman college girls are stripped down to their birthday suits and forced to eat out each others pussy with cherries shoved in their asses…crazy, right?

This sorority actually makes their pledges play a game of football in just their thongs. Haze Her is getting a little crazy using the C word in their latest update but hey I guess they have to call it how they see it and there is instead a hot cunt sundae in this submission.

The Nerdy girl seems to like sitting on these girls faces the most so they let her spend the most time getting after it. One pledge actually got to do some face sitting I bet she thought she was super lucky, a favorite if you will. The other girls came in pairs and usually just ate each other out. I mean it can get any closer to my theme that that! These cuties had no sooner closed their eyes and started to dream about upcoming classes and boys when all of a sudden they were awoken by masked girls screaming Wake Up, Bitches! They them basically haze the shit out of these girls and make them do a bunch of different games and pretty much treat them like cattle. The redhead eats that pussy nice and good giving her a orgasm. As a punishment, these cute coeds were forced to eat each others pussies while the sisters watched and threw insults and urged them on. This is actually after each girl had to get in the middle of the group and rub out a orgasm. I guess they really do want to get into this sorority because tehy put up with everything! The sisters first teach the girls how to suck dick on a fake dildo and then the real thing comes out and they instruct them to get to work. She fucks those tight holes with a vibrator and licks their pussies and asses, then makes them do the same to each other like good little lesbians while the full sisters watch and critique their technique. She then takes turn riding that dildo as you can see in this very picture, pretty hot if you ask me. Then they have some other pledges get together and start eating each other out and then at the very end of the video they make two girls share a double sided dildo. I love seeing a real amateur girl shaking with pleasure, and Haze Her always seems to deliver. I wonder if she does anything on her own. They have these pledges play some pretty funny games like a strap on cock fight. Haze Her is putting on some pussy games in this their latest porn submission. I however would like to know if these girls still like their sorority now that this tape has been like to Haze Her. I can totally see how a girl is super into their sorority have going through hazing like this. The pledges have to please a sister that is already part of the sorority. I think this is the final interview before you become a full sister, pretty crazy but man is it hot! Then after each of the girls have been bought for a date night with a guy the sorority girls tell the pledges that they have please each other.
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